Digital Black & White Printing

Digital printing has become the most popular choice when printing collaterals for any business.

Not only is it convenient, it produces high-quality standard print jobs even at any quantities. Digital Printing Solutions can help small, medium and large companies by proving products and services that work according to their needs without having to deplete their resources. Our state-of-the-art facilities house some of today’s fastest, automated digital machines in the market today. Our commercial quality, high-speed equipment prints 4800 x 600 dpi black and white images at 120 prints per minute. This is 10x’s higher quality than you can get from typical print shops or your office copy machine.
Digital Print Solutions Offers:


Delivers a high level of imaging quality with progressive monochrome technology, providing exceptional output.


Handles a wide range of data streams to support a variety of applications – publishing (PS, PCL, PDF, TIFF), personalization (VIPP, PPML), and native transaction data streams (IPDS, LCDS).


Complete versatility and customization to meet your needs


Capable of printing Coated Stock: gloss, silk, matte, and Uncoated Stocks: book, text, bond, cover, bristol, index, offset


Specialty: carbonless, tabs, envelopes, never tear, preprinted offset forms

ECO Friendly

Digital printing is also the ideal printing method if you’re concerned with ECO friendly options. The technique uses no water, dyes or solutions.

Digital Ordering Options

For your convenience, we have provided you with the ability to send your print files over the internet using our “Upload A file” feature, or you can use a FTP program to get direct access to our onsite and secure FTP server. Transferring your PDF print files directly to us electronically decreases turnaround time and allows us to provide first generation prints with unmatched print quality, photographs, and screen variations.